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The “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”; so does the journey with chronic illness.  Trish has transformed the “climate” of her health one step and one lifestyle choice at a time and has found her own personal level of optimal health in the process.  Her passion is to inspire others to trust and take those first shaky steps themselves, knowing that Trish has already charted the course and has discovered all the shortcuts along the way.

In Our Shoes: Step by Step to Accessibility
Trish is a passionate advocate for the rights of people with disabilities.  Having lost her job as a result of her diagnosis with MS in 1993, she started her activist career by filing a complaint against her employer with the Canadian Human Rights Commission; which was eventually settled in her favour.   She more recently authored a book on how to provide customer service to people with disabilities.

Weighting to Choose Life
Trish’s life’s story with her weight is no different than 1,000′s of other women:  Lose some weight, gain it back plus more, lose some weight, gain it back plus more, and on and on the numbers on the scale climbed higher and higher.  The roller coaster isn’t working for her anymore and she is now actively pursuing weight loss surgery.  Having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in the spring of 2010, she truly believes that diagnosis was a wake up call intended to save her life.  She is bound and determined to avoid her family history of heart disease, bypass surgery, cancer, advanced diabetes and premature death so she is taking action NOW!